Over 6 million people are suffering from hearing loss. In many of those cases, Signia hearing aids can help to improve their hearing. Unfortunately of the over 6 million people, only about 2 million people have hearing aids.

Signia hearing aids are helping people to improve their quality of life. If you suspect that you are suffering from hearing loss, it is time to get a hearing test.

Hearing Loss Affects All Your Relationships

If you are dealing with hearing problems, you likely do not realize that you are a part of the conversation many times. People that are struggling with their hearing often feel left out because they cannot hear the conversation.

It is not unusual for someone with hearing loss to withdraw from social situations and isolate themselves. It can be easier to be alone than to have to try to figure out what everyone is saying.

Other negative relationship effects of hearing impediment include:

  • Misunderstandings
  • Frustration
  • Miscommunication

When you cannot hear what the other person is saying clearly your brain tries to fill in the blanks of what you are missing. Often the “fill-ins” are not accurate and can lead to misunderstandings.

For example, a friend calls to make a lunch date, you hear “let’s meet on Monday at 2” but what your friend said was “let’s meet Sunday at 2”. You show up on Sunday and no one else is there. Of course, you feel bad because your friend stood you up, and your friend feels bad on Sunday when they showed up.

The Frustration

People with hearing loss get frustrated when they are trying to communicate. How many times can you ask someone to repeat themselves before you give up? The television seems too low, talking on the phone becomes aggravating, conversations at social events are hard to understand, it is frustrating.

That frustration at being unable to hear can often be perceived as being angry for no reason by friends, family, and even colleagues. Signia hearing aids may be able to help.

A Lot of Miscommunication

You may find yourself responding to questions inappropriately. For example, someone asks “what time is your plane expected to arrive?” you respond “ how do I know when the rain is arriving?”.

Hearing specialists can help you to improve your relationships by helping you get the hearing aids that will help you to hear better. Make an appointment today to have your hearing evaluated and hear what you have been missing.