Most people know that a hearing doctor can help you hear better with hearing aids but it is a lot more to it than hearing better. A hearing doctor can help to restore your quality of life. A hearing doctor is the hearing specialist that will help you get back in the conversation.

Losing any one of your senses is tragic, and even more so, when there is something that you can do about it to restore the sense and don’t. About 12% of the population in the US is significantly hearing impaired with many of those people being senior citizens.

Senior Hearing Loss

Hearing loss in seniors or presbycusis is one of the most common forms of hearing loss. As we age our hearing capabilities diminish naturally. From years of being exposed to noise, our hearing becomes less sensitive.

Age-related hearing loss can often come from the same sources that other types of hearing loss are attributed to but it is more pronounced in seniors because damaged sensory cells do not grow back. It stands to reason that over a lifetime of losing sensory cells naturally, it would become harder to hear.

Other reasons that seniors are more prone to hearing loss include diabetic conditions, high blood pressure, and even some medications. Diseases that are associated with aging are also associated with potential hearing loss and damage.

A hearing doctor at a hearing center can help to diagnose your hearing loss with a hearing test, then discuss the kinds of hearing aids that can help. Hearing what people are saying again can be literally life-changing.

The Real Problem With Hearing Loss

Of course, losing hearing abilities is bad enough, but that is only a part of the problem. Not being able to hear people can make you feel alone and isolated. It can result in miscommunication between you and your loved ones. It really can make you feel anti-social.

Not being able to hear can affect whether or not you engage with other people, attend social functions, and are safe. It is very important that you can hear what is happening around you. There is help available, make an appointment today with a hearing doctor to get the help you need.