Hearing aids can be considered as investments for individuals having trouble perceiving sounds. If you want your device to last for years, proper care and maintenance must be done regularly. Following this will also minimize the possibility of having to get costly hearing aid repair in the future. If you’re not sure where to start, here are some ways to keep your pair in the best shape possible:

Clean Your Hearing Aid Using the Right Tools

It is important to clean your hearing aid after every use as ear wax residue can easily get into your device. However, keep in mind that special tools must be used when cleaning your pair. These usually come in the form of a brush or wire pick and are often provided upon purchase of the device.

Keep Your Hearing Aid Dry

Moisture can block the microphone of your hearing aid and tamper with its performance. Keep in mind to always remove your device before bathing or swimming. In case your device does get wet, wipe it immediately with a soft cloth or use the drying kit that usually comes with it.

Protect Your Hearing Aid From Dirt and Oil

Your hands come into contact with different things every day. The rule of thumb is to always handle your hearing aid with clean and dry fingers. Doing so will prevent unwanted substances like dirt and oil from clogging your device’s microphone.

Have Your Device Serviced by a Trusted Center

Even with proper care and maintenance, some hearing aids in Lexington, KY might need repair at some point. Don’t worry. At Amanda’s Hearing Care, our hearing specialists can restore your device back into good working condition. You can get your pair fixed on-site or have it sent to our center.

In the event that you decide to get a new pair, we also offer different varieties of hearing aids. Our certified staff will perform comprehensive ear and hearing health evaluations, before recommending the most suitable device for you. For questions or concerns, connect with us today.