Getting a hearing aid for the first time is like learning a new skill—it’ll take time for you to get used to it. You’ll have to familiarize yourself with the different features before you find a setup that you’re comfortable with. To help you get started, here are some helpful tips for adjusting to your new device:

Start by Wearing Them for a Few Hours

The first few days of wearing a hearing aid can be overwhelming. Don’t worry, that’s normal. Your brain will need time to recognize and filter the different sounds around you. Begin by using your device for a few hours and gradually increase wear time in the succeeding days. This will make getting accustomed to louder environments a lot easier.

Perform Listening Exercises

Your hearing aid can pick up background noises involuntarily. This can be frustrating as it can sometimes get too loud. Other times, you’ll perceive new sounds that are foreign to you.

It is best to practice wearing your hearing device in a quiet environment first. Close your eyes and try to distinguish the different sounds around you. You can also listen to audiobooks or read aloud to yourself. This will allow your brain to slowly get acclimated to various speech patterns.

Schedule a Follow-Up with Your Hearing Aid Specialist

At this point, you’ve probably had a few days or weeks to try out your hearing aid. Keep in mind that it is crucial to arrange a follow-up visit to your audiologist. These sessions will allow you to relay any problems that you might have encountered with your device. Your specialist might perform some adjustments or recommend the best practices to make your transition a lot smoother.

Get Fitted at a Trusted Hearing Center in Lexington, KY

Hearing aids open a door of possibilities especially to people who have suffered from hearing loss or impairment for the better part of their lives. If you finally decide to invest in one, Amanda’s Hearing Care is here to help. We conduct comprehensive ear and hearing health evaluations that’ll help us determine the most suitable device for you. For more information on our products and services, reach to our team of specialists today.