Making sure that hearing aids are properly programmed and fitted allows users to maximize their benefits even more. That’s why if you feel the slightest pain or you’re having trouble perceiving sound while using your device, it’s always recommended to visit a specialist.

Understandably, first-time users might find it difficult to determine if their device needs altering or reprogramming. To help with the process, here are some signs to look out for when deciding whether to get a hearing aid adjustment from a professional:

Constant Pain During Use

Wearing hearing aids will take a bit of time to get used to. In fact, it is quite common to experience discomfort during the first few days of wear time. However, if you suddenly feel pain from a sore spot where your device sits, be sure to bring it to a professional. This usually means that the mold of your earpiece needs reshaping.

Sound Levels Are Too High or Low

Hearing aids enable users to freely adjust the volume of background sounds to their liking. This feature is important, especially when transitioning from quiet to loud environments. However, if you find that your device’s sound levels are still too high or low even after altering the settings, then it might be time to visit a specialist for reprogramming.

Persistent Feedback While Using the Device

A constant whistling sound while using your device could mean one of two things—earwax buildup or incorrect placement. If you encounter this issue, get your ears professionally cleaned first. If the problem persists after the treatment, bring your hearing aids to a specialist, as the casing of your earpiece might need restructuring.

Schedule a Hearing Aid Adjustment With Trusted Specialists

At Amanda’s Hearing Care, our specialists will ensure that your device is adjusted accordingly for better hearing and a more comfortable fit. We offer hearing aid reprogramming and servicing for most of the major manufacturers, including Oticon and Signia products. For questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to give us a call or fill out the form on our website today.