Prolonged exposure to loud noises can have damaging effects on your hearing. That’s why if you live or work in an environment that constantly exposes you to loud sounds, it’s advisable to use custom hearing protection devices. Consult your healthcare provider or specialist if you’re interested in getting one.

What Is Hearing Protection?

A hearing protection device is a type of earpiece designed to block out sounds and protect your hearing by reducing the effects of noise-induced damage. They are recommended for people who are constantly exposed to high levels of noise, like target shooters, motorcyclists, musicians, pilots, construction workers, and so on.

How They’re Made

During your appointment, a hearing specialist will prep your ear by inserting a foam or cotton material, known as an otoblock, into your canal. This will prevent the shaping substance from getting too close to your eardrum. After that, your doctor will inject an impression material. Once it hardens, the mold will be checked for any deformities, air holes, unfilled gaps, etc.

Types of Hearing Protection Devices

Hearing protection devices come in different shapes, sizes, and materials. This is because each of them is customized to match an individual’s specific lifestyle and preference. Generally, there are two main types your specialist may recommend:

Full-Shell Hearing Protection
As its name suggests, this type of hearing protection completely covers the concha, a bowl-like cavity located in the external part of the ear. It is recommended for people who are exposed to high levels of noise.

Half-Shell Hearing Protection
This variety of hearing protection is designed to cover only the bottom half of the concha. It is suitable for people who are constantly exposed to mid-level noise.

Proper Care and Maintenance

Proper care and maintenance must be observed to ensure the longevity of your custom hearing protection equipment. Here are some guidelines you can follow to help keep your device in its optimal condition:

  • Use lukewarm water when cleaning your hearing protection.
  • Get rid of dirt and debris, like excessive earwax, by soaking your device in mild soapy water or an effervescent solution for at least 10 minutes.
  • Dry it by gently patting it with a soft cloth.
  • Let your hearing protection dry completely by placing it on an absorbent cloth or paper overnight.

Don’t Take Your Hearing for Granted

At Amanda’s Hearing Care, we offer high-quality hearing protection equipment designed to provide you with maximum noise protection. We’ll ensure that your device is perfectly tailored to your ear’s contour for a comfortable and secure fit. For questions or concerns, give us a call or visit our hearing center today.