Why Should You See an Audiologist for Hearing Aid Maintenance?

woman in lavander shirt showing off her new hearing aid

If you have recently become a hearing aid wearer, you may not understand how important it is to maintain it. After all, once you become accustomed to your device, it’s something you could forget about and may not remember to do every day. Either way, seeing an audiologist for your hearing aid allows them to perform any maintenance tasks for you, and they can also make sure that it is in good working order. If you want to find out more about hearing aid maintenance or if you want to see if you are due to schedule an appointment, then take a look below.

Taking Care of Your Hearing Aids

When you are not wearing your hearing aids, you have to make sure that you put them in your case. This will protect them from dust, dirt or even physical damage. It’s also a good idea to remember to remove the batteries at night. This allows the compartment to dry out from any kind of moisture that has built up throughout the day. 

If you suspect that you have some moisture inside your hearing aid and you are not able to solve the issue by simply wiping them dry, then you can use a dehumidifier. This can be beneficial to the life of your hearing aid, and it can be a very good maintenance tool.

You have to remember that while hearing aids are sturdy, they are sensitive to things like moisture and heat. This means that you need to avoid leaving them in the car, out at the pool or before stepping into the shower. Luckily, your audiologist will provide you with a wealth of information to keep your hearing aids appropriately stored and cleaned.

Cleaning Agents

If you want your hearing aids to work to their full potential, then you have to make sure that you clean them daily. This maintenance can occur quickly at home by using a dry washcloth and cleaning off the outer shell. Examine your device for any kind of physical damage that may need professional assistance, like cracked tubing, clogged ports or signs of wearing out.

Biannually, consider scheduling an appointment with your audiologist to allow them to professionally clean your device. This gives them a chance to examine the condition its in, make any minor repairs and adjust anything you may have noticed not working as well. Getting your hearing aids checked out prior to major issues developing will enable you to extend their wear and get maximum results. Our staff is happy to help you better understand proper hearing aid maintenance and cleaning; simply give us a call, and we will get you on the right track!