Hearing Aid Repair & Reprogramming

Hearing Aid Repair

Hearing Aids have many tiny working parts and it is common for a hearing aid to need repair over time. Some people with older devices may experience an issue that needs to be repaired. Amanda’s Hearing Care’s audiology specialists are fully equipped to repair your broken hearing aid. Your hearing care professional will determine what kind of repair service is necessary and will either fix it on-site in the office or send it to the manufacturer for repair. Even if you have hearing aids that were not fit in our office, Amanda’s would be happy to service or repair them.

Toy figures doing hearing aid repair


As your hearing changes over time, you may need to have your hearing aids adjusted or reprogrammed. The hearing care specialists at Amanda’s Hearing Care can reprogram your existing device, even if you didn’t have them fit in our office. We use specialized tests and equipment to ensure that your hearing is clear and comfortable after we reprogram them. We service hearing aids from most of the major manufacturers, including Oticon and Signia. Don’t try to program your hearing aids on your own. Leave it to the care of the hearing health professionals at Amanda’s Hearing Care.


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