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About Oticon

Oticon is continuously breaking the rules about what you can get from a hearing aid. They use their insights and knowledge to design and manufacture innovative hearing aid technology just for you. Oticon is committed to gaining insight into users’ needs and challenges, finding innovative technologies, and empowering people to support any lifestyle and age.
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Oticon Opn S

With the new Oticon Opn S, Oticon is breaking all of the rules. The Opn S takes open sound to the next level, delivering the clearest and purest signal possible to provide speech understanding on par with normal hearing in noisy environments. By providing more flexibility and choices, the Oticon Opn S empowers you to participate in the same social situations as everyone around you.

Oticon Siya

Oticon Siya hearing aids help you hear better by amplifying the rich details of sound so you can focus on every precious moment. Featuring BrainHearing technology, Oticon Siya hearing aids help your brain understand sounds more easily. They offer superb sound quality, effective noise reduction, and easy wireless connectivity.

Oticon Alta2

The Oticon Alta2’s next-generation BrainHearing technology gives your brain what it needs to make sense of sound by providing Oticon’s most natural, effortless listening experience ever.

Oticon Opn

The Oticon Opn is bringing you a new kind of hearing instrument. With the Oticon Opn, you can listen to multiple speakers in noisy environments and focus on what’s important to you. While traditional hearing aids isolate one speaker and suppress all others, the Oticon Opn is so fast it gives you access to multiple speakers around you while reducing background noise at the same time.

Oticon Dynamo

Dynamo is the most advanced and personalized super power product Oticon has ever developed. It features premium speech processing technologies designed to meet the challenges of people with severe-to-profound hearing loss. Dynamo has a smaller case size and is available in seven colors. It is powered by a size 13 battery with longer battery life.

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