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Signia produces SLIM-RIC hearing instruments that can be worn with confidence and exceptional style. Signia’s Nx technology allows you to hear the most natural voice and clear sound in every situation. Signia Primax hearing aids single out a target speaker’s voice from background noise so that listening effort is significantly reduced. With complete connectivity, you can easily connect with your smartphone and other smart devices.

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Signia Styletto | Signia hearing aids
Signia NX series | Signia hearing aids


Signia Styletto

The Signia Styletto hearing aid brings an industry-first slim design that was created to give people with hearing loss a different option compared to the traditional hearing aid types. With more than just a stylish design, Styletto offers the latest advancements in hearing technology with clear speech understanding, enhanced spatial awareness, extended dynamic range, and OVP (Own Voice Processing) for a natural sounding own voice.

Signia Primax Series

Signia Primax hearing aids were designed to reduce listening effort while providing better than normal hearing in challenging environments. Packed with state-of-the-art technology, Signia Primax offers the most natural sound and highest hearing performance. It also features superior connectivity that lets you control your device right from your smartphone. Primax series hearing aids include the Motion 13 BT primax, Pure 13 BT primax, Cellion primax, Ace primax, Pure primax, Carat primax, Motion SX, SA, P, and SP primax, as well as Silk primax hearing aids.

Signia Nx Series

Signia’s Nx hearing aids are an ideal choice for performance and hearing. No matter the situation you are in, Signia Nx hearing aids deliver crystal clear, natural sound quality. Packed with incredible features such as telephone, music, and TV listening, this device is a great choice for any lifestyle. Signia Nx series hearing aids include the Insio Nx ITC/ITE, Pure Charge & Go Nx, Pure 312 Nx, Pure 13 Nx, Motion 13 and 13P Nx, and Pure 10 Nx hearing aids.

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