Covid-19 Protocol

Amanda’s Hearing Care complies with all CDC guidelines to keep patients safe. We have established a drop box complete with sanitizing supplies for picking up and dropping off your devices. Call one of our professionals to find out how you can use this efficient service.
In addition, all employees wear appropriate facial coverings, and we continually sanitize surfaces. If you are coming into the office, we ask that you wear a facial covering over the nose and mouth at all times.
Your safety and well-being are our highest priority.

Guide to Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are an investment in your quality of life. This Guide to Hearing Aids explains how hearing aids work, the different styles of hearing aids available and how to determine the right hearing aid for you.

Hearing Aid Styles

A wide range of technology and a host of features are available in each hearing aid style. The cost of hearing aids generally depends on the technology and the number of features the instrument has and not necessarily on the style selected. Today’s digital hearing aids are typically offered in various technology levels, such as […]

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Bluetooth Hearing Aids

Stream the audio channel from any Blue-tooth enabled device directly to your hearing aids. Hear clearly without distracting background noise.

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Oticon Hearing Products

Oticon breaks the rules about what to expect in a hearing aid. Deep insights into the hearing process allow Oticon to develop innovative hearing aid technology that’s right for you.

Hearing – How the Ear Works

The sense we call “hearing” requires a complex interaction between the environment around us, our auditory and vestibular systems and our brain. Discover the fascinating science behind how our body converts acoustic waves to sound.

Hearing Protection

Exposure to noise is the number one cause of sensorineural hearing loss. Protect your hearing with earplugs and earmolds from Amanda’s Hearing Care. We offer a range of solutions to ensure your hearing remains protected in the nosiest of situations.

Impacts of Untreated Hearing Loss

Undiagnosed and untreated hearing loss impacts your physical and mental well-being. If hearing is challenging or confusing, you may withdraw from activities and interactions with friends and family. Social isolation leads to depression. Untreated or undiagnosed hearing loss also plays a factor in mental decline.

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Phonak Hearing Products

Rediscover the joy of sound with hearing aids from Phonak. Phonak technology provides crisp, natural sound and you’ll hear conversation clearly, even in the most challenging environments.

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ReSound Hearing Products

ReSound hearing products deliver distortion-free sound from thoughtfully designed devices. Easy to wear and easy care. ReSound is the sound of life.